Job Readiness & Placement

Transitional Jobs Program Description

Transitional Jobs (TJ) are a rapidly developing and expanding strategy intended to help persons with criminal records and limited employment experience successfully return to the workforce and their communities.

What are Transitional Jobs

Transitional Jobs are time-limited subsidized jobs that combine real work, skill-development, and support services to help participants overcome substantial barriers to employment. They operate in rural, urban, and suburban areas throughout the state employing individuals who have a broad array of barriers to work. The programs are time-limited, typically offering up to two months of paid work experience.

Do Transitional Jobs work for persons with criminal records?

TJ participants have a higher retention rate than those in other programs because TJ participants learn how to be successful employees through the job skills training program at RITAS Ministry and real work experience.

Why do persons with criminal records benefit from Transitional Jobs?

Specifically, for persons with criminal records, Transitional Jobs programs:

  • Increase stability during the immediate transition from incarceration into the community by providing cash income and by fostering a positive routine.
  • Provide an opportunity to exhibit key facets of employment such as reliability and trustworthiness, leading to strong references.
  • Offer linkage to community supports and help with time management.

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.” (Albert Einstein)